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Violin Bow

The way to the right violin bow

The perfect combination of bow and violin ...

At Violin Leonhardt in Mittenwald, you will find everything the musician's heart desires. If you have found a beautiful violin that suits you, then you still have the right "tool". Even a cook needs the right tool to cast a good dish. That is why it is especially important: only when bow and violin are in perfect harmony for the musician can the violin unfold its great sound and make the musician happy!

This is why it is so important to select the right violin bow. The quality and also the application of the stringed instrumental bow will significantly influence the sound of the violin.

The right choice of violin strings is also very important. All these things will have you at our site. Whether you are looking for new arches or the trade in old arches, you will find them in our company.

The shape of the bar of the bow is often octagonal and made of wood. Mostly used here is Fernambuk or Brasilholz. The flexibility of the wood is very important for a violin bow. On this bar, arched hairs are made of Mongolian stallion hair. The thrust of the bow often consists of mother-of-pearl, but also of silver, nickel silver or gold. A round mother-of-pearl ornament, the so-called eye, is often inserted into the frog on both sides. By the frog the tension of the bow hair can be regulated. When selecting the right violin bow, care should be taken to ensure quality and workmanship. The right rosin is not to be forgotten, also here we offer you a great high-quality selection.

In our company "Violin Leonhardt in Mittenwald" we stand since 1926 for quality and tradition. We have a very wide selection of violins, cellos and violas.

Different designs, different sizes, old or new sheets or different materials, we have no wish left open.

For your bow, it is important to bring it to us regularly for repair. We offer you a wide range of repair and care for your bow. We take your goats with the best Mongolian Horsehair. Thanks to these hard-wearing covers we guarantee a long durability and a round even tone. To ensure that your instrument is optimally protected, but also your bow, we have a great selection of string instrument cases, such as violin cases, cello cases or broom cases.

In our beautiful musicians' tasting room you will find all instruments and arches and can try out Herzenslust and find the right one for you. We have bows in all price categories, we would be pleased to advise you in detail. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will find exactly the right string bow. As a highlight, we offer a guided tour through the in-house wooden warehouse or our workshop rooms.

We have a very well assorted assortment in which everyone will find something.

How do I clean my violin bow?

  • The bow hair can not be handled, so an optimal playing quality can be guaranteed
  • Using a microfiber cloth carefully and carefully clean the bow on the wood and frog
  • Usually a microfiber cloth is sufficient, cleaning agents are not necessary in most cases
  • In the case of coarser soiling, you bring the sheet into our workshop, where it is professionally cleaned
  • Cellobogen_celli_Boegen_alt_neu_Leonhardt_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Geige_Floch_Handwerk_Klangloch_Geigenbaumeister_Werkstatt_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Bratsche_alt_handel_Rieger_Restaurierung_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Geigenbau_Leonhardt_Holz_Klang_Geigenbaumeister_Werkstatt_Bass_Cello_Geige_Viola_Himmel
  • Geige_Airbrush_Besonders_bemalt_Geigenmacher_Meister_Geigenbau_Mittenwald

  • Tonholz_Geigenbaumeister_Leonhardt_Geigenholz_Holzlagerung_Lager_Rohstoff_Geigenbau
  • bratsche_hell_geigenbau_mittenwald
  • Geigenbau_Leonhardt_Musikmesse_Frankfurt_Geigenbaumeister_Instrumentenmacher_Geige_Cello
  • Geige_Seitz_Handel_Altbau_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Geigenbogen_Boegen_Reparatur_Handel_Streicher_Streichbogen_pierre_simon_Geigenbau

  • Bratschenbogen_Bratsche_Reparatur_Instandhaltung_Bogenmacher_Leonhardt_Werkstatt
  • Cellobogen_Frosch_Stange_Musiker_Spielen_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Geigenbogen_Boegen_Fernambuk_Frosch_Geigenbogenmacher_Bogenmacher_Pfretschner_Handwerk
  • Geigenbau_Leonhardt_Holz_Klang_Musiker_Instrument_Orchester_Lautersee_Handwerk_Wirbel
  • Tonholz_Lagerung_Holzmaserung_Lager_Tonewood_Geigenholz_Geigenbaumeister_Handwerk

  • Geige_Meisterwerkstatt_Violine_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Instrumentenkaesten_Geigenkasten_Geigenetui_Koffer_Gewa_Etui_Instrument_Aufbewahrung
  • Geige_Werkstatt_Neubau_Geigenbau_Leonhardt
  • bratsche_41,3cm_dunkel_Bratscher_Instrument_Geigenmacher_Leonhardt_geigenbau_mittenwald
  • Geigenbogen_Boegen_pferdehaar_beziehen_Streichbogen_Instrument_Bogenmacher_Geigenbau

  • Cellobogen_Celli_Boegen_beziehen_Bogenreparatur_Werkstatt_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Geige_Geigenkasten_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Bratsche_loewenkopf_geigenbau_mittenwald
  • Cello_Loewenkopf_Dunkel_Instrument_Altbau_Leonhardt_Mittenwald
  • Bratschenbogen_Fernambuk_oktogonal_Reparatur_Streichinstrument_Holz_Pferdehaar

  • Instrumentenkaesten_Cellokasten_Cellokoffer_Transportmittel_Instrument
  • Geigenbogen_Geige_Viola_Bogenreparatur_behaaren_beziehen_Werkstatt_Bogenmacher_Geigenbau
  • Bratschenbogen_Bratsche_Bogenmacher_Bogenreparatur_Instandhaltung_Werkstatt_Boegen
  • Cellobogen_Celli_Boegen_Streicher_Streichinstrument_Streichbogen_Fernambuk_Frosch
  • Cello_Meisterinstrument_Leonhardt_Celli_Neubau_Geigenbau_Mittenwald

  • Tonholz_Tonewood_Geigenholz_Instrumentenholz_Handwerk_Rohstoff_Brasilholz_Holzlage
  • Bratschenbogen_Pfretschner_Bogenmacher_Fernambuk_Leonhardt_Streicher_Streichbogen
  • Instrumentenkaesten_Cellokoffer_Celloetui_Cello_Bogaroclemente_Design_Cellikoffer
  • Tonholz_Klangholz_Holz_Ahorn_Fernambuk_Tonewood_Eiche_Brasilholz_Holzlager_Holzlagerung
  • Bratsche_hell_geigenbau_mittenwald

  • Cello_Westie_Besonders_Schnecke_Schnitzarbeit_Celli_Aussergewoehnlich_Wirbel
  • Geige_Handel_Alt_Stradivarius_Geigenbau_Leonhardt
  • Geigenbaumeister_Werkstatt_Geigenbauer_Meisterinstrument_Geige_Werkstatt_Neubau
  • Geige_Neubau_Meisterstueck_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Geigenbaumeister_Geigenbauer_Holzlager_Geigenholz_Tonholz_Streichinstrument_Geigen_Cello

  • Tonholz_Klang_Holzlager_Holzlagerung_Tonewood_Geigenbaumeister_Leonhardt_Maserung_Eiche
  • Geige_Werkstatt_Violine_Hobel_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Instrumentenkasten_Cellokasten_Celli_Gewa_Extraleicht_Comfort_Tragegurte_Design
  • Geige_vermessen_Werkstatt_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Geigenbaumeister_Geigenbauer_Meisterinstrumente_Streichinstrumentenbauer_Streicher

  • Geige_Neubau_Handel_Violine_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Geigenbaumeister_Handwerk_Arbeiten_Reparatur_Geige_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • bratsche_loewenkopf_geigenbau_mittenwald
  • Cello_Brandstempel_Lyra_Neubau_Geigenbau_Leonhardt_Mittenwald
  • Geigenbau_Leonhardt_Lyra_Logo_Geigenbaumeister_Handwerk_Geige_Cello_Bass

  • Geigenbaumeister_Geigenbau_Geige_Holz_Weisse_Geige_Neubau_Hobel_Spaene_Geigenbau
  • Geigenbau_Werkstatt_Neubau_Meister_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Geigenbaumeister_Instrumente_Streichinstrumente_Neubau_Leonhardt_Altbau_Geigenbau
  • Geigenbaumeister_Klotz_Geigen_Meister_Tonholz_Streichinstrument_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Geige_Woelbung_Geigendecke_Innenwoelbung_Geigenbaumeister_Werkstatt_Geigenbau_Mittenwald

  • Cello_Leonhardt_Geigenbaumeister_Werkstatt_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Cellobogen_Cello_Bogenmacher_Bogenbau_Cellibogen_Bogenreparatur_Instandhaltung_Geigenbau
  • Geige_Leonhardt_Geigenspielen_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Cello_Karwendel_Geigenbaumeister_Instrument_Celli_Meister_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Tonholz_Klang_Holzarten_Geigenholz_Holzlagerung_Holzmaserung_Holzverarbeitung_Celloholz

  • Geigenbaumeister_Musikzimmer_Streichinstrumente_Streicher_Musiker_Instrument_Kaufen
  • Geigenschnecke_Handel_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Geigen_Neubau_Werkstatt_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Cello_Schnecke_Frauenkopf_Wirbel_Instrument_Leonhardt_Besonders_Schnitzarbeiten_Celli
  • Instrumentenkaesten_Geigenkaesten_Bratschenkasten_Aufbewahrung_Schutz_Instrumentenschutz

  • Geige_Modell_Stradivari_Ausbildung_Meisterstueck_Leonhardt_Geigenbau_Mittenwald
  • Tonholz_Geigenbaumeister_Tonewood_Handwerk_Geigenholz_Holzarten_Hobel_Geigenmacher
  • Instrumentenkaesten_Cellokoffer_Celloetui_Design_Schutzhuelle_Instrument_Geigenbau
  • Geigenbau_Leonhardt_Musikzimmer_Streicher_Streichinstrument_Werkstatt_Klotz
  • Instrumentenkaesten_Geigekoffer_Bratschenkoffer_Instrumentenschutzhuelle_Schutzkoffer

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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9.00 to 12.00
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