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The viola

If musicians and violin maker are in perfect harmony ...

The viola, is a very popular string instrument. Whether for a professional or a beginner, every musician can find his own individual instrument. In every orchestra you can find them - the viola. With their beautiful sound you can not imagine classical orchestral pieces. But it also plays an important role in modern music.

Violin Leonhardt - quality and tradition since 1926

"Whoever loves music can never be unhappy" is a quote from Franz Schubert, which always accompanies us.

In our company "Violin Leonhardt" in Mittenwald, quality has been at the forefront since 1926 and inspires customers from all over the world. Our violas are all equipped with our unique brand stamp, our trademark of Lyra.

We have a beautiful new building workshop, in which viola repairs are carried out and our great old workshop, in which the new violas are built and reprocessed. Find a place of rest with us and look around, because only with a certain inner calm one can find your perfect instrument. There are a lot of different work steps necessary to get a very good viola at the end. Metric ratios and scales must be strictly adhered to. Our many years of experience help us enormously. In order to build a white viola (without varnishing) you need approximately 120 working hours. For us, varnishing is an important part of the development of a viola. We use only the best natural resins, which are made according to our own traditions and recipes. Resins such as, Dragon's Blood, Kopal, Shellac or Krappwurzel are special resins and colors. They are then dissolved in oil or alcohol and thus the sonic properties can be promoted. The perfect appearance of the instruments can only arise through the varnish and is therefore enormously important. In the case of violas, lion heads are often a great extra. Here, instead of the classical screw, a soldering head is installed. Certain lacquer paints or certain wood grains can also be made or used for construction on request. We try to fulfill every special request and to implement it as best as possible. The musician has high demands on his instrument and we try to implement it. All the factors together then give the overall picture and also the perfect sounding instrument, which each musician evaluates individually. Important components of the viola are the F-hole, inlays, notes, bridge, strings, fingerboard, finest, swirl, ceiling, floor, snail and the bridge.

The best possible materials for the beautifully sounding viola

Components like vertebra, head and tailpiece are usually handmade in Germany or England. For our beautiful violins, we only use high quality materials. Here, too, we only use great noble woods such as rosewood, bluewood, snakewood and beech tree, decorated with pearly eyelets, wooden rifles or gold boats.

At least 5 years the noble tone is stored. Natural dried spruce and maple wood from local forests, as well as Bosnia, Italy and Austria. The best, most beautiful sound can be achieved if the woods are hit exactly to the correct moon phase, also this is a prerequisite for us. Maturity requires wood as well as good wine. Come with us on an exciting discovery trip - find in our wooden stock great old aged wood, look a violin maker over the shoulder or browse through our great extensive assortment. You can find not only violas / violas in all designs, price categories and sizes, but also all accessories, such as

Viola cases, viola bows, shoulder rests or strings in various designs and price classes. There is also a selection of rosin available. We have a very well assorted assortment in which everyone will find something. We also offer violins, cellos and basses.

You are looking for an old master instrument of, for example, Mathias Klotz, Neuner or Rieger? An entry-level instrument, a new building, or a soliline instrument? Then you are exactly right here! Through years of experience, we are the "contact" for string instruments, such as violins, violas, cello or bass.

Thanks to our assortment, you will receive everything you want from the musician's heart. In the workshop, we not only rebuild instruments, but also carry out repairs and maintenance on stringed instruments. This allows us to offer our customers the best possible service. Performances through exhibition and workshop rooms allow every musician to take a break from everyday life.

For the musician, his craft is not just a simple cave or a buckle. For him it is components such as the tuner, swivel, bridge, fretboard with upper saddle, fine tuner and chinrest and must be individually adapted to the musician, because this is the only way to connect the musician and his instrument. One speaks also of "the soul of the viola" with the vocal stick.

You have to constantly develop quality and you will be rewarded for this, our numerous awards are the best example and make us proud.

We are also internationally successful through our ecommerce and international trade, and in 2012 we have even received the export award.

Often customers ask us, how do I clean my viola best? Here we have put together some helpful tips ...

  • Before you reach for cleansing agents for the instrument, test in a small place
  • The cleaning is usually done with a simple microfiber cloth
  • With a microfiber cloth you can achieve very good results without scratching
  • Carefully clean the dirty areas in circular movements and proceed without great pressure
  • Above all the rosin should be removed regularly
  • At the F-holes very carefully, the instrument is particularly sensitive
  • Do not use any detergents, the varnish should be damaged
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Violin Maker Leonhardt Traditon since 1926

Only by many years of experience and attention to detail are masterpieces created

Already in the fourth generation we build violins, cellos, violas and basses in loving craftsmanship. Carefully selected and long-stored woods characterize our instruments. Continue Reading


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Rainer W. Leonhardt

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Phone: +49 (0) 8823 - 8010

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9.00 to 12.00
and 13.00 to 17.00
or weekends on appointment