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  • Violin Maker Rainer W. Leonhardt

    Violin Maker Leonhardt Traditon since 1926: 350 years can be heard.

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  • Here you can study in peace.
    And try it!

    Anyone who has the idea to buy an instrument needs above all one thing:
    P E A C E.

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  • Violin Maker Leonhardt - Our strengths - your advantages.

    Why you should come to Geigenbau Leonhardt to Mittenwald!

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  • Geigenbau Leonhardt 4th generation?

    Beside craftsmanship - experience and creativity.

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Violin Maker Leonhardt Traditon since 1926

Violin Maker Leonhardt Traditon since 1926

Only by many years of experience and attention to detail are masterpieces created

Already in the fourth generation we build violins, cellos, violas and basses in loving craftsmanship. Carefully selected and long-stored woods characterize our instruments.

Violin Leonhardt - The good sound begins with the wood

In our company "Violin Leonhardt" in Mittenwald, quality comes first and inspires customers from all over the world. Since 1926 Violin Leonhardt stands for tradition and quality. We build on old tradition of the violin-making village Mittenwald. Already in the fourth generation the special profession of the violin-maker is carried out. Anton Dietl founded the factory in 1926 and built it into a master workshop over the course of 40 years. Subsequently, he handed over the company to his Schwiegersohn, Wilfried Leonhardt, his father Fritz was also a plucked instrument maker in Mittenwald. Thus the company had further successful years and could make a name for itself. Wilfried then handed over the workshop to his son Rainer Leonhardt in 1997 and has been running the company since then. As a violin master, he is known for his unique master instruments. He feels very much connected to the tradition and can also convince through his experience as a director of the „Mittenwalder Geigenbaumuseum“ for several years.

Our awards, which we have received over the years, the export prize and the honorary medal as guilds are particularly distinguished by our services and our craftsmanship. Our violins, cellos and basses are all equipped with our unique brand stamp, the trademark of the Lyra, which gives us the distinctive look.

Noble, rare and high-quality woods are self-evident to us. We are proud of our wooden warehouse, where wood has been stored for years. We are happy to implement your individual wishes. We also sell our selected woods, by e-mail contact, by phone or in person we always find the right one for you. Long-lasting timbres such as spruce or maple create wonderful strings with great sound. The best, most beautiful sound can be achieved when the woods are hit exactly to the correct moon phase. This is exactly what is required for us. Wood needs a certain ripening phase, just like a good wine. If you are looking for an exciting discovery trip - in our wooden warehouse you will find great old aged wood, look a violin maker over the shoulder or browse our great range.

You will always find great deals and bargains. Various price classes, from beginners / pupils to soloists, are all there. Years of experience and good employees characterize our company. The craftsmanship has been perfected for years and has always been the focus. Through our quality we can inspire customers all over the world.

We have a beautiful new construction workshop, in which instrument repairs are carried out and our beautiful old workshop, in which the new instruments are built and processed in pure manual work. Find a place of rest with us and look around, because only then you will find his perfect instrument. There are many different work steps that are necessary to get a very good tool in the end. Metric ratios and scales must be strictly adhered to. Our many years of experience help us tremendously.

All factors then combine the overall picture and the perfect sound instrument, which each musician evaluates individually. For every human being is a different sound great, so there is not "the instrument" taste is differently known.

Traditon from 350 years of tradition can be heard

The violin building is a special craft and combines many traditions for itself. Craftsmanship and creative skills are just as important as many years of experience. So our instruments can also convince with sound. Thanks to a great team, we can offer you an optimal service. We are open to any request and will be pleased to advise you.

By expanding our new media such as Instagram, Facebook or the Youtube Channel, we are constantly expanding our customer base and keeping our customers up-to-date. Browse through our website or come and see for yourself the quality and our wide range of services. Thanks to the great networking, it is possible to sell instruments and accessories all over the world and thus make the customers happy.

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  • violinmaking_instruments_newbuilding_Leonhardt_trading_old_instruments_violinmaking

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  • Instrumentcases_violincase_violins_ciolacases_instrument_protection_protectcases
  • master_violin_making_instruments_strings_workshop_musician_trading_newbuilding_viola
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Violin Maker Leonhardt Traditon since 1926

Only by many years of experience and attention to detail are masterpieces created

Already in the fourth generation we build violins, cellos, violas and basses in loving craftsmanship. Carefully selected and long-stored woods characterize our instruments. Continue Reading


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Rainer W. Leonhardt

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9.00 to 12.00
and 13.00 to 17.00
or weekends on appointment

Rainer W. Leonhardt

D - 82481 Mittenwald
Mühlenweg 53
Phone: +49 (0) 8823 - 8010

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9.00 to 12.00
and 13.00 to 17.00
or weekends on appointment